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Sunrise Collection

Inspirational haikus to start the day with. Enjoyed best with caffeine and a smile.

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Sunset Collection

Dreamy images to wind down with and transition from the golden to the blue hour.

quiet your evening


Twelve haikus paying tribute to the astrology signs and their personality traits.

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Sharing the Sipping Moment

You know that 15 seconds right after your coffee or tea has steeped? There is a soft steam rising off the top and it’s almost too hot to drink, so you carefully pick it up, letting the steam kiss your cheeks, gently inhaling the sweet smell, and then you finally take a small sip?  That moment is the 'sipping moment’. 

It’s that small gift of time you embrace before wandering off to do the next “thing”— a moment of being fully present. A haiku, like a mug, is a container for holding more of those moments in our lives. When we give ourselves that time, we make space for gratitude, reflection, joy, awareness, and love. We hope our mugs will help you enjoy the “the sipping moment” just a little bit more, a little bit more often. 


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